Results of FIELD
The results of the FIELD trial were reported at the
Annual Scientific Sessions of the American Heart
Association in Dallas on 14 November and published
simultaneously in The Lancet.

FIELD has been a double-blind placebo-controlled trial of
prevention of coronary heart disease in people with type
2 diabetes. The trial was conducted in Australia, New
Zealand and Finland. A feature of the trial is that its wide
entry criteria allow the results to be generalised to a
population of typical patients with diabetes consulting
general practitioners. The trial began recruiting patients in early 1998, and randomly assigned the last of its 9795 participants in November 2000. Its five-year follow-up was completed in October 2005.

Main eligibility criteria:
• type 2 diabetes mellitus with onset after the age of 35 years
• men and women aged 50–75 years of age
• average total cholesterol 3.0–6.5 mmol/L
• triglycerides/high-density cholesterol ratio of 4.0 or higher, or triglycerides over 1.0 mmol/L

FIELD is internationally managed by the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre.
The international Management Committee has representatives from the three participating countries—Australia, New Zealand and Finland.
The sponsor is Solvay Pharma.